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Aw, this game is warm tea and cats purring and fierce affirmations that are actually relatable and I just can't...

The whole journey, and how it restarts, it so perfectly encapsulates living with depression.

(PS: I think you might have confused "quiet" with "quite" at the third dark room, second key-like thingy. Or not, not a native English speaker here.)

glad you liked it [ꈍ ᴗ ꈍ]
restarting is just how bitsy games work in general, but i like how it brings up this thought even when you  view it as a linear story
thanks for noticing the typo!


This game is so warm, it's like the biggest hug. The whole concept of running out of emptiness is very moving. Thank you for sharing this! ❤️

thank you <3


Thank you for this. Seriously. Every piece of word you put into this had me picture so many things in my head. This was like a puzzle. A puzzle to escape darkness.

I thank you for creating this game. I had found out about recently and I had never knew that these games would be so.. connecting? I can't believe this. This is one of my favorite websites to calm me down. <33333

this is so heartwarming! thank you so much <3


oh i really like this!!! 

I had trouble where i seem to have lost the trail of dialogue in one of the rooms but thank god i just sort of tried running around to see if i missed something.. this game was very much worth it! <3


thank you! i'm glad  that you got through that part and that you like it <3


Good jam game, I keep getting stuck in an empty room...just like real life.

thank you! but remember the hint