little personal game about self-care when you are on the brink

hint: you can escape the dark

made with bitsy, image to bitsy and bitsy hacks


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Thank you for this. Seriously. Every piece of word you put into this had me picture so many things in my head. This was like a puzzle. A puzzle to escape darkness.

I thank you for creating this game. I had found out about recently and I had never knew that these games would be so.. connecting? I can't believe this. This is one of my favorite websites to calm me down. <33333

this is so heartwarming! thank you so much <3


oh i really like this!!! 

I had trouble where i seem to have lost the trail of dialogue in one of the rooms but thank god i just sort of tried running around to see if i missed something.. this game was very much worth it! <3


thank you! i'm glad  that you got through that part and that you like it <3


Good jam game, I keep getting stuck in an empty room...just like real life.

thank you! but remember the hint