friends grow pineapples and celebrate

a secret santa present for waxwingsstudio that arrived a year later

plz turn the sound on and enjoy this little thing 💜

made with bitsy, beepbox, bitsy-savior, amazing bitsy-hacksimage-to-bitsy and support from lovely bitsyfolks

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Made withBitsy
TagsBitsy, Cozy, Cute


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this was sweet,thanks for sharing

thank you!


Thank you so much for this wonderful present!

Sorry we took so long to respond (holiday celebrations and stuff)! 

This was such a beautiful surprise and it made the last days of this year that much cozier :3 

Loved the palette, the music, what you did with the pineapple and the overall atmosphere and feel of this Bitsy! The presence of a dog was also wonderful, Puppy reminded us of our own family doggo :D

Thank you so much again! Happy holidays, we hope the new year will be wonderful for you :) :)

thank you so much for kind words  😭✨💜

It's a short game but it's cute. I also really like the background music, it sounds so calming yet festive. Loved it! 

thank you! ♡✧*(*◔ ᴗ ◔*)✧*♡